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 I'm Jessi!  Thanks for taking the time to review my work!  

I'm very proud of my accomplishments and would like to tell you more about my expertise.    I'm an established Senior / Executive Producer for the past two decades..  Primarily, my work has been for ad agencies working on both large and smaller brands.   I'm well versed in all mediums and hold the highest creative standards!     

Everyone production requires a different solution and no one job is the same. That's why I approach each assignment with an innovative, strategic mindset to guarantee we've thought through all possible plans and variables to ensure we produce the highest creative quality work, while hitting the overall business objective.   I've been fortunate enough to have produced a wide variety of styles, mediums and have worked with emerging production technology,

ie: Unreal Engine.    

​Below are some examples of areas of my expertise:  ​

  • Celebrities

  • Athletes - Professional, Olympic, Extreme 

  • Animals - Exotic and domestic animals 

  • International Shooting 

  • Food shooting 

  • Celebrity Negotiations 

  • IP Negotiations 

  • Music Licensing - Original, licensed and stock 

  • SAG Talent - On and off set rules 

  • Residuals

  • Non -Union Talent

  • VFX - UnReal Engine, CGI, composite, rotoscope, clean up, etc. 

  • Special Affects -  Rules on set and how it applies to SAG talent

  • Standard post - edit, color, audio, animation, etc​

​If your curious about if I've done something, most likely I have or can figure out how to do so.   Almost all of my jobs have other production components tied to each shoot. Whether that's promotional assets, print, social, experiential or a full 360 integrated campaign.  These days we don't just shoot 1 x 30 second commercial anymore., so please think of me for your full production scope!   ​


 ​Here is a list of some of the brands I've worked on: ​

  • Verizon 

  • United 

  • Netflix

  • McDonalds 

  • Starbucks 

  • Mtn. Dew 

  • Mars Wrigley 

  • Dicks Sporting Goods 

  • Sports Authority 

  • The North Face 

  • Callaway 

  • Miller Coors 

  • Visible (under Verizon)

  • Pepsi Brands - Kevita, Naked Juice & One Coconut 

  • Kraft 

  • P&G Brands 

  • Kellogg's 


When I'm not working, I spend time building legos with my 4 year old, taking my dogs to the Mtn's for a hike or catching up on the latest new series with my husband Chris.  


I'm a dedicated working mom and innovative producer and I love to dance in this show of life.   One of my favorite sayings is:  'If you need something done, give it to a busy person"  That's how I operate and it works!  


I would love to learn about you and your production needs!  

Let's talk shop!  







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