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Thanks for taking the time to review my work!  

I'm very proud of my accomplishments and would like to tell you more about my expertise.    I'm an established Senior / Executive Producer for the past 18 years.  Primarily, my work has been for ad agencies on larger brands.   I'm well versed in all mediums but specialize in broadcast production.     I can facilitate any budget and have produced content ranging from 2K - 5 mil.    My out of the box thinking and solution oriented trouble shooting have enabled an extremely creative approach to production.  I firmly believe in providing Creatives with quality options to produce their vision, which then produces great work..

Below are some examples of areas of my expertise:  

  • Celebrities

  • Athletes - Professional, Olympic, Extreme 

  • Animals - Exotic and domestic animals 

  • International Shooting 

  • Food shooting 

  • Celebrity Negotiations 

  • IP Negotiations 

  • Music Licensing - Original, licensed and stock 

  • SAG Talent - On and off set rules 

  • Residuals

  • Non -Union Talent

  • VFX - 3D, composite, rotoscope, clean up, sky replacements, etc. 

  • Special Affects -  Rules on set and how it applies to SAG talent

  • Standard post - edit, color, audio, etc​

If your curious about if I've done something, most likely I have or can figure out how to do so.   Almost all of my jobs have other production components tied to each shoot. Whether that's print, social, experiential or a full 360 integrated campaign.  These days we don't just shoot 1 x 30 second commercial anymore., so please think of me for your full production scope!   ​


Here is a list of some of the brands I've worked on: 

  • Verizon 

  • United 

  • Netflix

  • McDonalds 

  • Starbucks 

  • Mtn. Dew 

  • Mars Wrigley 

  • Dicks Sporting Goods 

  • Sports Authority 

  • The North Face 

  • Callaway 

  • Miller Coors 

  • Visible (under Verizon)

  • Pepsi Brands - Kevita, Naked Juice & One Coconut 

  • Kraft 

  • P&G Brands 

  • Kellogg's 

..... Among many others not listed. 


I would love to learn about you and your production needs!  

Please reach out to discuss your next job.  

I look forward to collaborating!  


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